How it Works

We offer 2 direct consumer services (B2B services are here):

1. Personal web page showing that you are background-check approved. Order here. See Sample Check here

2. Verification of a date’s identity by checking if the phone number he/she has given you match the phone number we have on file. Check a date here.

Getting a check? Once approved, we will send you the link to post on your dating profiles. Your potential dates will know you are legit from the start- and be more likely to respond to to messages from the endless sea of profiles. Set yourself apart for less than the cost of lunch. This one check is portable across all dating sites- order once and use on all of them. Your link will not contain any personal data- just that you are approved.

Checking dates? Scrolling through hundreds of profiles trying to decide who to message with among hundreds of strangers? Use Dates Checker to find out if people have any red flags before you meet them. Check that the person you are in touch with is who they say they are upfront before you waste time or risk safety. Request that dates get a check if they don’t have one yet. This is a starting point when screening dates, and not a guarantee of course as that is not possible- please use safety practices and common sense at all times even if they pass the check.

For more information, please see the FAQs