We are a team of professionals who have been in and out of the online dating scene for years on the west and east coasts. Our team of software developers, technologists, attorneys, and marketers want to make that a better experience–without reinventing the wheel and being yet another dating site.

Life is busy- and the online dating scene is all over the map. Tons of great people, and so easy to connect today with all the apps! Yet we also have seen everything from wacky to creepy- profile pictures with guns, nooses, bloody scenes. It’s tough to balance being online openly enough to meet that special someone with keeping privacy and security in mind.

And that’s just the profiles. In person, we’ve met people that lied about their age, marriage status, and background. One charming man one of us met had 36 criminal records, including domestic violence. Of course, there is no way to tell any of this in the profiles. Not only does this waste our time but it is risky. We’ve had guys tell us they know our home address after a first date sharing minimal info- from a quick search linking things together it’s easy to find social media profiles, last name, and property records. With location-based apps, people can find where we are, and when. So what to do– how do you get to know someone, and not act weirdly secretive about your own life, yet protect your security?

We started Dates Checker to start solving the problem. It’s too much to spend time and money one by one to do background checks on people before sharing personal details. And a great way to kill potential romance. “Hi! Can you sign this consent form and give me your date of birth?” But giving out our number- and the rest- to endless strangers? We need a better system to help verify dates upstream- while swiping- before we even start messaging.

We need that info up front. Running checks yourself means combing through confusing records. For example, the same abbreviation code can mean either “fled from police across border” or “did not pay a parking ticket.” Those are very different charges!

And while most people are good, there have been awful crimes and tragedies. A woman in Seattle, a single mother of 3 kids, was brutally murdered by an online date she had been seeing for a month. In the following days, many people Seattle pulled their profiles offline for a while out of fear- but how are are we supposed to connect with others, if not online? Others are using fake profiles to scope out homes to rob. Yikes. Guy friends tell us about bad experiences including meeting prostitutes and scam artists.

And the location and Facebook-based apps are creating even more risks- convenient to connect, but wow. Bumble’s great, but someone can easily triangulate ‘distance away’ data points to find your exact location. Tinder pulls your Facebook Page Likes- so your kid’s school may show up or other private information, and there is no way to take it down. Not cool. So deciding who to message with has become tricky.  Yet opting out means not dating- this is how to meet people.

There’s a huge need for pre-screening that is easy to view, understand and portable across any site or app. Online dating just hasn’t had an upfront verification process- but now it does.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to create a safer, more enjoyable dating experience. Share your stories!