Why use Dates Checker? I see a bunch of sites online where I can get my own background check.

Background check sites give you a report you can download- but no way to signal to potential dates in an easy, recognizable way that you are pre-approved! They also don’t offer a way to communicate that you are cleared, without sharing your private information- who wants to send a full background report to a potential date? Dates Checker enables you to do both– have the check done once, and let the dating pool know you are good to go vetted both by the data and real people screening the information. It puts potential dates at ease to respond to you initially, and meet you in person.

I have my check. Now what do I do?

Grab your page link (url) and add it to your dating profiles. It works well in the top summary text boxes on Tinder, OKCupid, Match, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel, and more. For sites that currently do not enable urls such as Bumble, we have requested a solution as soon as possible. Soon we’ll have a custom logo widget tool so you can just grab the checkmark and add that. Here’s a sample note to include with your url: “Please visit my dateschecker.com link- I got an independent background check approval so you can see that I’m verified before we exchange info or meet. ”

How long is a check good for? If I get one, do I need to renew? If I check a date, how do I know if it’s current?

The date (month and year) it was approved is listed on the date’s page. You may get a new one at anytime. In the future, we may offer an auto-subcription service such as annual renewal. If a date’s check seems too long ago for your comfort level, ask him or her to get a new one.

What does the dash-number in the url page link after the date’s name (or my page) mean?

This is just our tracking number. As we only use first names on the public page for privacy and there can be lots of people with the same first name, the number ties it to the individual in our system.

If my check is not approved, do I get my payment back?

We are operating at cost including the background check, so can not refund payment. We will disclose why to you upon request, and give you the option whether to have a check link noting the information.

I want to know if my date is legally married. Is that included?

At this time we have not found a reliable enough way to confirm marriage records. Many states do not disclose the records online, so a truly verified search process would be manual and not possible at this price. We may offer this service in the future.

Do I get a copy of my full background check?

We are not able to release the details of the report per privacy and vendor agreements.

What if I have something in my background from a long time ago, or I fixed it, or it was a false allegation?

You are eligible for a second-check service that will verify the issues in question. Results may include a note on your page explaining the issue in generic terms. You are in control of whether or not to use the page and keep it live on the site- just let us know. This approach lets viewers decide whether the issue is concerning for themselves.

What does “concerning” background mean?

Anything that signals integrity issues such as violence or fraud. Common, minor violations such as traffic tickets do not disqualify a person from being approved.

Can you check outside the United States?

At this time we operate in the U.S. mainly. Contact us with requests for other countries and we will offer the service if records are accessible.

How does the check work- what is checked?

We check criminal and civil records, sex offender lists, and birth date. If there are criminal convictions in the past 7 years, the check is not approved except for common, minor violations with no or minimal safety/integrity issues. For example non-felony or aggravated misdemeanor traffic violations are excused. We also disregard minor records that are isolated incidents to balance . For example, a disorderly conduct which could have been a student protest, or a single drunk in public charge that may have been at a musical festival. We stop at 7 years to follow US laws that require this limit to balance the ability of individuals to overcome a past. If the record is questionable, we give the person the choice whether to disclose the type of violation on the site so that viewers can decide whether it matters for themselves. If the check is not approved, we disclose why to the applicant upon request. The date of approval is listed on the link so viewers can verify how recently it was done.

How long does it take to get my check?

2 business days.

Is your question not answered in the FAQ? Please contact us and we will add it.